Welcome to our website! Follow along with us as we explore the world on the leeway we make for ourselves, mostly with the assistance of the modern day bicycle. Currently traveling coast to coast across the USA over the summer of 2018!


We are Robert and Nicole Lee, and we love to explore by bike! We are passionate about traveling slowly, where hard work pays rewards in amazing views followed by exhilarating descents. In an age of screens and constant distractions, we strive to minimize the passive lifestyle with outdoor exploration of new landscapes, cultures, and continents.



To the Coast!

A few weeks before reaching Eugene, we’d planned to take a detour from our trip in order to fly down to San Diego to attend my grandma’s memorial service. The logistics for this seemed complicated, but actually fell into place very well. We’d planned to check with a local bike shop,  but George and Alice …

Eastern Oregon

Entering Oregon was an exciting milestone, the last state between us and the Pacific Ocean. It was also one of the states we spent the longest time in, and the varied terrain we encountered there was incredible. During the stretch from Hell’s Canyon to Halfway, the desert morphed into pine forests, a welcome break from …


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